Yesterday I returned to the ancestral home of Causeway Living - the Giant’s Causeway. A UNESCO world heritage site on the north coast of Ireland.

For my overseas Tribe - perhaps you can now better understand the Causeway Living visuals, having seen these special hexagonal stones. A 6 sided shape for the 6 pillars of health: drink, eat, sleep, breathe, move and think.

To lay my hand on one of these natural wonders and lift my entire bodyweight above them felt incredibly moving. A powerful reminder that just a few years ago I struggled to even pull my bodyweight out of bed or off the sofa. And if I can, you can too.

It all just felt so right. 'Cause' - motivation, 'way' - direction, 'causeway' - a path. One that I’ve appropriated as a shared journey to happiness, health and strength in your body.