James keeping active on a 5 mile hike around the north coast of Ireland this week.

James keeping active on a 5 mile hike around the north coast of Ireland this week.

James' Week 1 Progress Report:

I couldn’t be more pleased about how Week 1 has gone for James. The fact he started to see noticeable results so quickly is a testament to his enthusiasm and dedication to his plan. Here’s a direct quote from the man himself:

“I can’t believe how much more focused I felt after only a few days. My concentration has been way better at work and I’m getting distracted less easily. I’m looking a bit and feeling a lot healthier already, which is the ultimate goal, but I’ve noticed other things like my eyes being less sensitive to daylight. I feel more alert and connected to whatever I’m doing and even my anxiety has less impact on my day.” - James Lewendon

A very brief overview has seen James getting more regular exercise, massively cut back on any junk food and cola (a staggering financial benefit here too!) and form an excellent night time routine of using a meditation app, doing a 1hour ‘digital detox’ of no phones/laptops/TV an hour before bed and making sure he’s asleep in time for the body to go through it’s physical and psychological recovery processes. Check out his Basecamp online plan-management homepage to get an idea:

Of the changes James is making, some will have a more immediate affect than others. Getting 6 straight nights of sleep at the right time will have had a huge impact right away, and greatly reducing sugar intake through better diet decisions. Week 2 will be about small improvements, maintaining progress and to remember it's all about momentum; all the little things are adding up to a big feeling of wellness.

- Scott Riley