"I think I'm quite ready for another adventure." - Bilbo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings

I've been learning a lot about archetypes, heroism and the call to adventure recently. Things with so much depth that the only way to really share them is through 'story'. When boiled down to facts, figures and analysis - the emotions and feelings often get completely lost, so we've relied on St. George and the dragon, or historically the Mesopotamian Marduk and Tiamat long before that, and even modern characters like Bilbo and Smaug recently to carry on the wisdom of 'the hero's journey'.

All of the stories I mentioned have something important in common - a serpent as the antagonist. I've come to understand this as a symbol of the Unknown, which holds all the potential (and danger) in the world and it's up to those brave enough to risk being eaten, to slay the dragon to win the spoils for the benefit of all. 'Para el bien de todos' as a few of my wise friends like to say. And there's a hero in all of us if we really look inside.

So I'm off to fight the metaphorical dragon once again, even if it hardly seems like a few weeks in LA is an epic, arduous tale like Lord of the Rings.. I can assure you that for many reasons this is a huge challenge to me. There are so many people I wouldn't be able to do this without; family and friends and loved ones both home and abroad and those I'm about to join soon. I love you guys and hope you know how much I appreciate you and your support on my journey 💚🐲👊