Focus is often pulled in 1 of 6 directions; touch, sound, sight, taste, smell, and most of all, by mind-activity: thoughts and feelings. 

Master control by using advanced breathing techniques and mindfulness practices with the Pyramid Method by Causeway Living.

Our realities are painted in these 6 shades, learn to look past them and discover that the canvas is a mirror. See yourself and grow.

If it's your first time, select 'FIRST CLASS' above and get the Deep Breath Daily Breathing Practice video. It outlines a breathwork method that we'll use in the class to quiet the mind - a video you can use at home on a daily basis!

Practicing this method with coaching in a group setting is also hugely beneficial, so to just return to the class for that experience in combination with the guided meditation beforehand, please select 'REPEAT CLASS' for returning visits.

Purchasing above will give you a credit that can be redeemed at any Pyramid Method Class, hosted at Live.Love.Yoga in Bangor Co. Down. Times of classes vary to link with weekly Dash & Splash events. Check below for availability: 

Class will end 30 minutes before the free Dash & Splash event, allowing time to walk or drive directly to Pickie Fun Park in time for DASH & SPLASH - the ideal opportunity to put your focus training into action immediately.


These are the methods I've learned and trained in to overcome the cold, become mentally and physically stronger, vastly improve my cardiovascular fitness and completely transform my life. Part of a journey in which I lost 100 lb and no longer suffer from or take drugs for a chronic illness I was diagnosed with in my early 20s. Life is worth focusing on.


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