Thank you for taking part and congrats on completing the retreat! I learnt so much from this experience and I sincerely hope you can say the same. It would be a massive help to me if you could complete the form below - Scott

Name *
Next run, pre-course I'll ask participants to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal - Specific, Measurable, Agreed-upon (with me), Realistic, Time-bound to 6 weeks.
Did you fail to meet or even greatly exceed your expectations?
Any benefits that you hadn't considered pre-course? Leave blank if nothing specific.
If yes, please describe how it compared (especially in terms of results).
As a place to hold files and check in via email reminders, did you find it useful? Were the emails annoying?
Would you have stuck to the plan just as well with or without a daily reminder email for accountability?
As opposed to being part of a larger group of say 20 for example.
Even if you didn't attend, did it feel like added value that you had the option of it?
Increased accountability by meeting end of week 2 (breathing practice + stretches in person + Q&A), 4 (nutrition workshop + 1 month report) and 6 (finish).
Remove Basecamp, do weekly (rather than daily) check-ins on Causeway Academy, Facebook Live video instead of Zoom call.
Replacing the daily, text check-in. Possibly different theme each week e.g. W1: Explain what was easiest, W2: explain what was hardest, W3: describe your sensation from the breathing method etc.
How did you check each week's challenge?
How did you practice the 12 Minute Flex routine?
Did you feel more flexibility needed to be added to any part to accommodate your circumstances or ability?
Simple answer is okay, we can talk about this more later.
Weekdays/weekends, mornings/afternoons/evenings - I can be flexible to suit your schedule.
Please include any useful information not covered above.

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